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GreyGuide offers information professionals, practitioners, and students common ground for good practice in grey literature

Welcome to the GreyGuide, an online forum and repository of good practice in the field of grey literature. The GreyGuide seeks to capture proposed as well as published practices dealing with the supply and demand sides of grey literature. This is a collaborative project involving GreyNet International and ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy. The launch of the GreyGuide Repository took place in December 2013 at the Fifteenth International Conference on Grey Literature. Since then, the acquisition of both proposed and published good practices are underway. The GreyGuide as an online forum is currently in a developmental stage and is influenced by the changes that have taken place in GreyNet’s new infrastructure commencing in January 2014. GreyNet is currently in the process of migrating web-based content to the GreyGuide and in effect, the GreyGuide will come to serve as GreyNet’s web portal. This migration of records and content has already begun with the GreySource Index and will be followed by Conference Proposals submitted and accepted in the International Conference Series on Grey Literature. Later this year, the Who’s Who in Grey Literature will follow as a fifth collection in the GreyGuide. These collections will be accessible via combined search and browse capability and their metadata as well as full-text content can be online harvested.

GreyGuide Collections:

GG-Proposed: Proposed Grey Guide
GG-Published: Proposed Grey Guide
GL16: Conference Proposal
GSI: GreySource Index
BIO: Who is in Grey Literature
GFS: GreyForum Series

Our project team would greatly welcome the help of librarians and library students in the acquisition of records for these GreyGuide Collections.
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Definition of a Good Practice

"A good practice is simply a process or a methodology that represents the most effective way of achieving a specific objective. Some people prefer to use the term `good practice' as in reality it is debatable whether there is a single `best' approach - and of course approaches are constantly evolving and being updated. So another way of defining a good practice is one that has been proven to work well and produce good results, and is therefore recommended as a model. ... The essence of identifying and sharing good practices is to learn from others and to re-use knowledge. The biggest benefit consists in well-developed processes based on accumulated experience." (Identifying and Sharing Good Practices, SDC Knowledge Management Toolkit, 2004).